Bridging the gap between wearables and supercomputing apps, with real-time Last-Mile-AI

COMPANION™ build wearables that seamlessly connect to applications and services running on supercomputers in Eco-driven Datacenters, bridging the gap between low-power mobile devices and supercomputing Apps. We want to make Supercomputing accessible everywhere on any device with our Deep Augment™ System.

The Deep Augment™ System

Enhancing Products and Experiences with Deep Augment™

COMPANION'S Deep Augment™ System relocates computationally intensive tasks such as AI, Gaming and super heavy apps from a wearable device to run in Eco-friendly Datacenters with high-performance Supercomputers, without visible latency to the user. We call it "Last-Mile-AI™": It's like having the force of 1000 Smartphones in your device with applications at your service, 24h.

The New Breed of Consumer Products

COMPANION™ redefine what's possible when building customer experiences. With our platform you can build powerful wearables and devices, with almost limitless computing power without having to make the device large as a brick.


Does your company want to transform the appereance and experience of your products?

Discover how our tailor-made Deep Augment™ solutions can revolutionize your products and experiences.