Enhancing Products and Experiences with Deep Augment™

At Companion, we harness the power of our Deep Augment™ Last-Mile-AI™ System to create tailor-made, and high-end products and consumer experiences.

The first companion: a Digital Watch under the brand PLATONUM®.

Presenting The PLATONUM® Brand, Your Future Companion

Built on COMPANION's revolutionary Deep Augment™ System, our first product will help you to enhance your most precious asset - time. This AI-driven Performance Monster displays time and blends Advanced Technology and Craftsmanship with real-time last-mile access to AI apps and services.

A New Breed of Consumer Experience

Our Deep Augment™ System redefine what's possible. When the form factor becomes insignificant products becomes better.

Ecological Computing™

Embracing the vision of a sustainable tomorrow through battery-powered devices, our products are engineered for impeccable power management and the holistic recycling of materials. Our wearables seamlessly connect to applications and services running on supercomputers in Eco-driven Datacenters, powered by water, solar and wind.

Unlocking Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition with our groundbreaking solutions.


Does your company want to transform the appereance and experience of your products?

Discover how our tailor-made Deep Augment™ solutions can revolutionize your products and experiences.